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Scottish Scientists and Engineers

Scots are famous for their ingenuity and their entrepreneurial flair. With a strong accent on scientific research, Scots have produced some of the most important inventions in history, including: the steam engine (James Watt), the telephone (Alexander Graham Bell), penicillin (Alexander Fleming), Fax transmission (Alexander Bain), Radar (Sir Robert Watson-Watt and Magnetic resonance imaging (John Mallard). Today that tradition continues with groundbreaking developments in a range of hi-tech sectors, including: biotechnology (cloning – The Roslin Institute), software (First computer strategy game ‘Lemmings’ – David Jones) and healthcare (beta-blockers – Nobel Laureate Sir James W. Black).

James Gregory

Joseph Black

James Watt

William Symington

Henry Bell

William Murdoch

John Loudon McAdam

Thomas Telford

John Boyd Dunlop

Thomas Graham

David Dale

John Anderson

James Nasmyth

Charles Macintosh

Sir David Brewster

Lord Kelvin

James Clerk Maxwell

Alexander Graham Bell

Alexander Bain

John Logie Baird

Sir Robert Watson-Watt

Charles T.R. Wilson

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