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The Scotch-IrishThe Scotch-Irish: From the North of Ireland to the Making of America The Scotch-Irish began emigrating to Northern Ireland from Scotland in the seventeenth century to form the Ulster Plantation. In the next century these Scottish Presbyterians migrated to the Western Hemisphere in search of a better life. Except for the English, the Scotch-Irish were the largest ethnic group to come to the New World during the eighteenth century. By the time of the American Revolution there were an estimated 250,000 Scotch-Irish in the colonies, about a tenth of the population. Twelve U.S. presidents can trace their lineage to the Scotch-Irish. This work discusses the life of the Scotch-Irish in Ireland, their treatment by their English overlords, the reasons for emigration to America, the settlement patterns in the New World, the movement westward across America, life on the colonial frontier, Scotch-Irish contributions to America's development, and sites of Scotch-Irish interest in the north of Ireland.

West from ShenandoahWest from Shenandoah: A Scotch-Irish Family Fights for America, 1729-1781 A memorable account of a forgotten chapter in American history If you think that America's western expansion began on the banks of the Mississippi, think again. In West from Shenandoah, Thomas A. Lewis tells the powerful and inspiring story of America's first westerners, the fiercely independent Scotch-Irish immigrants who flocked to America in the early eighteenth century. Arriving too late to claim land along the coast, they settled in the rich and peaceful Shenandoah Valley of western Virginia and, in less than a generation, began moving west into the uncharted Appalachian wilderness, which had been ignored by the English for more than a century. Focusing on the exploits of one remarkable family, Lewis examines the reasons for this remarkable migration, explores relations between the settlers and the Native Americans they began to displace, and reveals why the American Revolution could not have been won without the indispensable contribution of these Scotch-Irish pioneers.

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