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Scotland earch Engine Rankings. Everyone wants to be number one for Scotland, and there are millions of web sites out there. So how do you become number one and stay there consistently? Consistently is the key word here. Certainly, you could apply the newest, best trick in the book today, but when someone else comes out with a better one tomorrow, you will be scrambling to get to the top of the tree again.

One of the keys is to be well-rounded. There are many books and philosophies about web rankings that are floating around. Some people say article marketing is the way to go, others link building, others say you have to maximize your web pages for the search engines. You have to get all your Scottish keywords right and your titles and description. But what happens when another Scottish web site does better in that area? Now you drop in search engine rank. Thus, it is more important that you do a good job in all the areas than try to be the very best in one area. And yes, it is fine to be number 8 or number 3 in rank. If you are in the very top spot for Scotland and you are clicked simply because the top spot gets more clicks, are you really going to get more sales just because you are number one for Scotland? Your Scotland product and site have to be relevant to the web browser, not just the search engine.

Another key is to focus on very specific keywords for Scotland. Build your site around those Scotland keywords. Be everything you can be to someone who searches with those keywords. Or better yet, one Scotland keyword. Would you rather have one keyword that has a number one ranking, or 8 keywords with a number fifty ranking? It is far better to have one keyword for which your site is on the first page of results than twenty that are all over the search engines. Build yourself a Scottish web site that has a strong keyword density for one or two keywords. Put those relevant Scotland keywords in your title and description and keyword lists.

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