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I have started to write the following pages in response to numerous questions from Scots interested in starting their own small group tour companies.

I have been organizing and guiding small group tours of Scotland for the past ten years. It is a unique, and highly rewarding activity; which provides very high levels of job satisfaction. It is, however, hard work.

It has often been said that 'selling holidays to Scotland is like selling dreams', and this is to a great extent is true. When visitors purchase a small group tour of Scotland, they are buying more than transportation, three meals a day, and a place to stay overnight in Scotland; they are purchasing the whole experience, from the planning and anticipation of their tour of Scotland, to the tour itself, and then the recollection of the tour later through sharing their digital photos or videos, and building personal travel web sites. It is a total experience.

The main challenge for the small group tour organizer is to make the dream of visiting Scotland equal to the reality of the actual tour. Scotland is a very diverse country with may different types of tourist destinations, both urban and rural, and very unreliable weather. The great diversity of destinations is one of the great strengths of Scottish Tourism, but it also one of its weakness, as it is impossible to visit every possible destination on a typical small group tour of Scotland.

The first concern of the tour guide is to discover the exact purpose of any proposed tour of Scotland. In my experience there are normally three broad categories of purpose, those being; General Tours of Scotland, Activity Based Tours of Scotland, such as Golfing, Walking, Fishing, Photography etc; and finally Ancestry Tours, where group members wish to to visit very specific areas of Scotland.

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