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Scotland's Weather: An Illustrated Anthology This anthology ranges from medieval poetry to 20th-century prose and covers the Borders in springtime, skating in Victorian Edinburgh, fishermen lashed by Hebridean gales, farmers harvesting in summer heat, the Brocken Spectre and a host of other experiences of Scotland's weather. Authors include Burns, Scott, Stevenson and MacDiarmid, as well as the less well-known. The chapters are introduced by proverbs and useful words for weather. The illustrations, from many sources and periods, cover landscape and geology, clothing and shelter, work and leisure, and scientific instruments from barometers to satellites.

Scottish Weather

Scottish Weather (Say It in Scots!) Scottish Weather. Say It in Scots is a series of pocket books designed to inform and entertain the reader about the wonderful, rich and varied language of Scots.Like the Scots language, the Scottish weather is rich in variety, full of lights and shades, drama, romance and beauty. We have snow in winter, sunshine in summer, strong winds in spring and autumn and all four seasons can happen in one day. At least when it rains the Scots tongue has myriad words to cheer you up while you are getting drenched.The weather is a constant topic of conversation in Scottish communities from coast and country to town and city and Chris Robinson and Eileen Finlayson will take you on a tour of the country to explain the different ways the Scots language describes the prevailing conditions.In "Scottish Weather", you will find out the meanings of smirr, dreich, moor and other Scots words for rain, snow, wind, sun, the forecast, the seasons and weather lore in this informative and entertaining pocket guide. So, whether it is hairst, simmer, voar or yule, "Scottish Weather" will tell you the words for the weather around you.

Mountain WeatherMountain Weather: A Practical Guide for Hillwalkers and Climbers in the British Isles (Outdoor Pursuits & Techniques) Our mountains have plenty of weather. They are almost always windier, colder, cloudier and wetter than low country. What is more, the weather mood can change bewilderingly quickly, from gloomy, lowering skies and driving rain to shafts of sunlight and breath-taking patterns of colour. The weather can delight or endanger. It can create a mental picture never to be forgotten or thrust the unwary into a fight for life. Whether it is to avoid danger or to add to enjoyment of the mountain scene, before starting a day outdoors among the hills it is wise to know what the weather is likely to be. This book helps hillwalkers and climbers to get the weather forecast most suited to their needs, to understand them, and to modify them in the light of experience of mountain weather.

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