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Scotland's Place-names

Scotland's Place-names

Scotland's Place-names David Dorward’s earlier book on Scottish place-names has long been popular. It makes the subject accessible to the general reader, with explanations of names that are clear and concise, and often witty. This new, greatly expanded version of Scotland’s Place-names goes much further. It explores the subject in far greater depth and explains hundreds more names. The style, however, is the same—readable and entertaining, as well as educational. It is a mine of information for the enquiring schoolchild, the hill-walker or mountaineer, the local historian—everyone, in fact, who has ever wondered about the origins of the marvellous variety of place-names in Scotland.

This is more than just a dictionary, though almost any name you can think of will be found here. Parts of names are traced back to their Celtic, Gaelic or Old English roots, so that it becomes possible for readers to unravel for themselves the meanings of hundreds of local area and landscape names. The detective work leads into fascinating by-ways. Anyone who looks up one name will be led irresistibly on to explore more deeply, so that the book becomes difficult to put down. As well as meanings, David Dorward gives the correct pronunciation of Scottish names.

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