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Owning a Digital Video Camera or Digital Camcorder will provide you with the opportunity to have your own videos on your Scottish Website, and is an excellent an cheap way to acquire great Scottish web content.

Digital Video Hints500 Digital Video Hints, Tips and Techniques: The Easy, All-in-one Guide to Those Inside Secrets for Better Digital Video 500 Digital Video Hints, Tips, and Techniques is the essential companion for anyone who wants to get the best out of their video camera, whether they're shooting family events or their own mini-blockbusters. From equipment buying guides and basic dos and don'ts to shooting tips, camera technique, and troubleshooting advice, this accessible, colourful blend of step-by-step tutorials, quick fixes, and bullet-point tips is the perfect antidote to boring technical manuals. So whether you have a good digital video camera, or even just a multimedia phone or a still camera that shoots videoclips, this highly illustrated, jargon-busting book will put the fun back into video-all the way from buying your camera to sharing your work with family and friends on disk, on tape, online, or on their media players.

Digital Video for BeginnersDigital Video for Beginners: A Step-by-Step Guide to Making Great Home Movies Whether you are buying your first camcorder or just moving from analogue to digital video, Digital Video for Beginners is the perfect guide to making great home movies in the digital age. Written with the newcomer in mind, it explains in clear, jargon-free language everything that novice video-makers need to know. Covers everything from getting the most from your camera, to shooting creatively, transferring your video onto your computer, and making the most of it once it's there. Comprehensive advice on getting great video from family events, holidays, school plays and concerts, sports events, and more. Easy-to-follow examples take you through creative editing techniques, transitions and special effects, and how to work with audio and music. Also, discover ways of showing and sharing your work, from transferring video to DVD, to broadcasting it across the Internet.

Adobe Photoshop Elements 5 SoftwareAdobe Photoshop Elements 5 & Premiere Elements 3 Bundle (PC) Adobe Photoshop Elements 5.0 plus Adobe Premiere Elements 3.0 software combines two powerful yet easy-to-use products to deliver the most complete photo- and video-editing solution. Jazz up photo slide shows with video effects and transitions, and use freeze frames to add a dramatic pause to your video or to make professional-looking, printed DVD covers and labels. Now, telling your stories with photos and videos is easier than ever before. Premiere Elements gives you control of your video footage, whether you want to burn it right to a DVD or spend time editing and adding creative elements. If you want to simply create DVDs, you can go from camcorder to disc in just a few clicks. Or, take advantage of the powerful video-editing tools that allow you to transform and personalize your video creation. For quick editing, the Sceneline View lets you assemble your video by drag and drop, rearranging thumbnails of your clips, and adding transitions and effects. For more precise control, the Timeline view offers Premier Elements' most advanced features.

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