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Scottish Love Poems

She stood in her snood and arasaid
Beneath the trees of the wood,
The buckled plaid round her shoulders laid,
She looked for him as she stood.

He came running to her over the heath,
A present was in his hand,
And upon his dirk drawn from the sheath,
They plighted their troth to stand.

The mavis was singing in the tree,
The lark was high in the air,
Happy was he and happy was she
As they stood together there.

He held her close in his arm’s embrace,
Their eyes and lips did meet,
He looked down in to her lovely face,
And her heart did faster beat.

The clouds flew over the mountain crest,
The spray was flecking the sea,
She drew him close to her throbbing breast,
Her prisoner for aye to be.

They went to kirk and it came the time,
And the book the priest did take,
He in his kilt was so bright and gay
And and his promise he did make.

She stood at his side, so white and fair,
Hher white fingers fair to give,
The priest handfasted them then and there,
Hhe blessed them long to live.

O God give the joy and God the love,
To those who are lovers true,
Shed down benediction from above
As one and one are joined two.

An Old Celtic Poem

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