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Tourism in ScotlandTourism in Scotland This collection of papers from leading subject experts provides an introduction to Scotland's largest industry. The book should be of interest to business and tourism libraries across the UK, and a resource for tourism students at degree and postgraduate levels, for whom the Scottish experience offers valuable case study material. Scottish Tourism.

Scotland The BrandScotland - the Brand: The Making of Scottish Heritage Based on an influential study by three leading socioligists, this work examines the specific role and character of the major players in Scottish heritage - the National Trust for Scotland, the Scottish Tourist Board and Historic Scotland - as well as the lairds who have a stake in the industry.

Scotland for the Holidays? Tourism is now the most important economic activity in the world, with scarcely any part of the globe unaffected. Tourist money powers resort developement, and, critics would argue, can corrupt and corrode traditional societies. The temptation is strong to provide tourists with what images they want to find, regardless of whether they are current or genuine. The Scots promotion of Scotland as a land of heather, the kilt and whisky confirms this: a dash of truth, a splash of history and a good deal of manufacture and manipulation. The author aims to provide a humorous and thoughtful account of Scottish tourism in all its guises. Scottish Tourism.

Imagining Scotland Every year, many tourists are drawn to Scotland by images of pipers and fairy-tale castles, Highland games and haggis, misty glens and heather. That image is still carefully nutured by the international tourist industry. This illustrated text looks at the portrayal of Scotland in tourist promotional literature from the mid-18th century to the present day, with illustrations drawn from many parts of continental Europe and North America. After providing an analytical framework for the interpretation of tourist promotional imagery, the early chapters focus on the all-important creation of the Highland myth through the reports of 18th and 19th century travellers, its enhancement as tourism grew from 1850 onwards, completely belying the contemporary reality of the Highland clearances, and its apotheosis in the filmmaker's art. The authors then go on to consider the selling of urban Scotland, looking at the long-standing marketing of Edinburgh and more recent attempts to sell Glasgow as a cultural centre.

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