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Scottish Town And City Mottoes

Aberdeen - Bon Accord

Crail - In Verbo Tuo Laxaho Rete (At Thy Word I Will Let
Down the Net)

Dundee - Dei Donum Prudentia et Candore (Gift of God with Thought and Purity)

Edinburgh - Nisi Dominus Frustra (Except the Lord in Vain)

Elie and Earlsferry - Unitas Alit Comitatem (Unity Fosters Courtesy)

Eyemouth - Remis Velisque (With Oars and Sails)

Galashiels - Sour Plums

Glasgow - Lord Let Glasgow Flourish

Inverness - A Hundred Thousand Welcomes

Jedburgh - Strenue et Prospere (Earnestly and Successfully)

Kelso - Dae Richt, Fear Nocht

Kirkcaldy - Vigilando Munio (They Stand Guard)

Melrose - One Community Open to All

Montrose - Mare Ditat Rosa Decorat (The Sea Enriches, The Rose Adorns)

Peebles - Contra Nando Incrementum (Increase by Swimming Against the Flood)

Perth - Make Haste Slowly

St Andrews - Dum Spiro Spero (While I Breathe I Hope)

St Monans - Mare Vivimus (By the Sea We Live)

Stirling - The Britons stand by the force of arms, The Scots are by this cross preserved from harms The Castle and Bridge of Stirling town Are in the compass of this seal set down.

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