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Shetland Islands Maps

Shetland Mainland Map
Shetland: Mainland Central (Explorer Maps)

Shetland Mainland South Map
Shetland: Mainland South (Explorer Maps)

Ancient Shetland

Ancient Shetland (Historic Scotland S.) Covering a timespan of 8000 years, from Mesolithic times up to the Viking and Norse period, this exploration of ancient Shetland investigates: death and ritual in Neolithic times; domestic life in the Bronze Age; unsettled times in the Iron Age; and the Picts and Christians.


Birds of Shetland

Birds of Shetland (Country Avifaunas S.) Shetland has always been synonymous with exciting birding. The islands are nationally important for their 21 species of breeding seabirds, and other extremely rare or sporadic British breeders such as the Red-necked phalarope and Snowy Owl. They are also much-visited by passage migrants. In particular, Fair Isle rivals the Isles of Scilly as the place for keen listers to go in the autumn, and this picturesque little island, with its famous bird observatory, regularly hosts extreme rarities. Following the style of "Birds of Norfolk" and "Birds of Suffolk", this avifauna looks in depth at the status, distribution and abundance, past and present, of every bird recorded in Shetland. Population trends for breeders and regular visitors are analysed, and a detailed breakdown of all Shetland records is presented for the rarities.

A Naturalist's Shetland

A Naturalist's Shetland (Poyser Natural... History) One of Britain's natural treasures, the Shetland Islands are spectacular with their varied geology, wonderful landscape, and special flora and fauna. They are peopled by a culture distinct within the British Isles. Despite their isolation, the islands have evolved many particular species. This book is only the second to describe all the wildlife of the Shetland Islands and the first to comprehensively cover their history since the last Ice Age, as well as the human impacts of the Neolithic, Bronze, and Iron Age cultures and the Norse influences from Scandinavia.

Sketches and Tales of the Shetland....

Shetland: Island Guide (Colin Baxter... Photography)

The Norn Language of Orkney and Shetland.

" In a World a Wir Ane: A Shetland... Herring Girl's Story.

E.B.Jamieson: Anatomist and Shetlander.

Images of Shetland

Images of Shetland A collection of images and thoughts on Shetland life. The book contains pictures of wildlife, landscapes in all weathers, Shetland folk going about their everyday business and boats of all types.

Shetland Land of the Ocean

Shetland: Land of the Ocean Featuring stunning photographs by Colin Baxter and an essay by Jim Crumley, this large-format book really gives the full flavour of these wonderful islands.

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