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Spedlin's Tower

Templand, Dumfries & Galloway, Scotland

A sad and gruesome tale surrounds the haunting of the sixteenth century tower where in the 1650`s Sir Alexander Jardine imprisoned a miller for making bad bread. Shortly after incarcerating the inefficient fellow in one of the dungeons, Jardine left for a length stay in Edinburgh. IT was some months later that the prisoner was remembered by which time of course be had died of starvation. Sir Alexander found the rotting remains on his return and was sickened to find the hapless victim of his inhumanity and forgetfulness had, in a desperate attempt to reach the door of the prison, literally torn his hands from the manacles which bound him to the wall. In an effort to ensure that the ghost of the victim was `laid` a bible was built into the wall of the dungeons. This was discovered many centuries later and removed to a local museum but there were so many catastrophes which followed this that the book was returned to the castle. At least, so the story goes. Nevertheless, several people visiting the derelict tower have heard human moans and felt ` the presence of an unseen entity` Also according to Mr. Lawrence, several of his friends have actually seen the apparition of a tall white haired man in the region of the original site of the dungeon. He looks `distraught as if suffering from pain` The figure has no hands.

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