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The Fall of the House of Campbell, Scotland.

The Fall of the House of Campbell

The story of the fall of Clan Campbell in the 17th century. Clan Campbell had suffered much in the years of turmoil and civil war which characterized the period. With one earl executed for disloyalty, the clan's position at the court of Charles II rested on very shaky foundations. The accession of James marked a decisive shift and, from exile, the ninth earl of Argyll joined the unstable and mecurial Duke of Monmouth, illegitimate son of Charles II, in a plot against the new king. Support was muted at best and riven by dissensions in command; the ninth earl's small army gradually found itself boxed in and disintergrating in the face of overwhelming government strength. Final collapse took place with the destruction of the rebel stores on Eilean Dearg near Colintraive. Argyll himself was captured near Inchinnan. His execution saw the fortunes of the clan sink even further. The fate of the clan removed a force for stability in the Highlands, and the subsequent years saw a steady disintergration of law and order until their fortunes were reversed. No Tragic Story: The Fall of the House of Campbell.

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