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Farmers Temples and Tombs of ScotlandFarmers, Temples and Tombs (Making of Scotland S.) Farmers, Temples and Tombs outlines in a clear and understandable way the Neolithic and Early Bronze Age in Scotland. It contains in-depth features on important Neolithic sites, and emphasises that what are now archaeological sites were once places where normal people lived. Included in the book are specially commissioned illustrations which show how different sites might have looked, as well as a list of Neolithic sites that can be visited across Scotland. Making Of Scotland.

Scottish Coins: A History of Small Change in Scotland This is the intriguing story of how ordinary money was used by ordinary people in Scotland. Placks, bawbees, hardheads and bodles, this absorbing history covers not only coin development and production but also gives an account of how such monies were used, abused, spent, discarded and counterfeited by the Scottish population.

The Making of ScotlandThe Making of Scotland: A Comprehensive Guide to the Growth of Its Cities, Towns and Villages Researched over three decades, this collection of information presents an attempt to tell the complete story of Scotland in a single book. Using a range of sources, the author has set out to create a reference book packed with interest and surprises for the general reader, tracing the development of each community from earliest times to the present day, with particular emphasis on the great achievements of the industrial age and the economic forces which underpin any settlement. The Making Of Scotland.

Puir Labourers and Busy Husbandmen: The Medieval Countryside of Scotland 100-1600 (The Making of Scotland) This title explores the new way of life brought to the Scottish medieval countryside by feudalism, the threat of revolution, and the spread of Benedictine monasticism. It focuses on the day-to-day activities of farming, peat extraction, woodland management, milling, malting, baking and brewing. The Making Of Scotland.

Lords of Alba The Making of ScotlandLords of Alba: The Making of Scotland The early Scottish kingdom underwent a fundamental transformation between the tenth and twelfth centuries. It started out as the Kingdom of Alba with a largely Gaelic language and culture and strong links to Ireland. It ended up as the Kingdom of Scotland with a more mixed culture, increasingly influenced by its southern English neighbour. This fundamental change is usually attributed to two important figures, St Margaret, wife of Malcolm Canmore, and David I, his son. Malcolm Canmore himself has remained misunderstood and under-appreciated, despite the fact he was a central figure during this period of change. He ruled for 36 years and had spent more than 15 years in exile in England before his eventual succession to the throne in 1057. He maintained closer relations with England than most of his predecessors and he moved the focal centre of the kingdom further south than ever before and into former Northumbrian territory. The house which Malcolm founded lasted 250 years, until the death of Alexander III. This important new book on early medieval Scottish history considers how and why the Scottish kingdom was changed at this time. In particular, it looks at the role of individuals who initiated or influenced this process.

Age of the Clans (The Making of Scotland) This overview of Highland society covers the period from the rise of Somerled to the first clearances. Four main themes cover the changing political relationships in the region, the composition and alliances of the clans, the changes in settlement, and the economy of the Highlands and Islands. The Making Of Scotland.

Making of Classical EdinburghThe Making of Classical Edinburgh In this exposition of the making of the much quoted, photographed, studied and loved townscapes of Georgian Edinburgh, A.J. Youngson's recreates and brings to life one of the most comprehensive, detailed and remarkable urban expansion programmes ever undertaken. Illustrated with over 160 photographs and line drawings, it should be an invaluable work of history and an account of the shaping of one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. The Making Of Scotland.

Scotland The BrandScotland - the Brand: The Making of Scottish Heritage Based on an influential study by three leading socioligists, this work examines the specific role and character of the major players in Scottish heritage, the National Trust for Scotland, the Scottish Tourist Board and Historic Scotland, as well as the lairds who have a stake in the industry.

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