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Tom Buchan - Poet

He was born on 19th June 1931 in Glasgow and was educated there and at Aberdeen Grammar School. After graduating from the University of Glasgow in 1953 he taught in Scotland and India and he has been a full-time writer since 1971. His best poetry is contained in Dolphins at Cochin (1969) and in his selected poems of 1972, both of which display his interest in the imagery of science and contemporary means of communication. In poems such as 'Polemical Elegy for Reinhardt Heydrich' and 'Submarine', which deal with different aspects of man's inhumanity, indignation is kept in careful check by his unadorned language, which does not have to descend to mere rhetoric to achieve its effect. Much of Buchan's most recent work has been done for the theatre and for multi-media entertainments.

Works include: Ikons (1958); Dolphins at Cochin (1969); Makes you Feel Great (19 71); Exorcism (1972); Poems 1969-72 (1972).

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