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Whether you are looking for a self-guided Bulgaria tour or want to join a guided tour of Bulgaria, you will find a tour to suit your needs here. Click below to find some of the best guided and self-guided Bulgaria tours available today. Many of these Bulgaria tour packages feature unique Bulgaria tour opportunities that you will not find anywhere else. Bulgaria - Order FREE Travel Brochure!.

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Bulgaria Hotel Deals
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Tour BulgariaThe Rough Guide to Bulgaria - 5th Edition Tour Bulgaria from the remote Belogadchik region to the white sand beaches of the southern Black Sea coast. The Rough Guide is written and researched by people who have lived in Bulgaria, and so provides deeply insightful accounts of all the regions and their attractions. As ever, this is a guide for independent travellers on any budget, with accommodation listings ranging from the film stars favourite, Castle Hrankov in Sofia, to local campsites.

Bulgaria TravellerBulgaria (Travellers). Bulgaria Traveller. Expert advice, tracking down the best sights and experiences; detailed background on people, geography, culture and history; clear and accurate mapping for orientation at country, region and city levels; suggested walks and tours to somewhere a little different; impartial and dependable sleeping, eating and entertainment listings; full colour throughout, with over 140 photographs; and, comprehensive coverage of Sofia and Environs, Central Bulgaria including the Valley of the Roses and Veliko Turnovo, Rila Monastery, Bansko and Borovets, Plovdiv, and The Black Sea Coast including Burgas and Varna.

Bulgaria Insight GuideBulgaria Insight Guide (Insight Guides) (Insight Guides). Bulgaria Insight Guide. This guide to Bulgaria includes a full run-down on the essential places to see from ancient Sophia to the resorts and beaches of the Black Sea, from Aleksander Nevski Cathedral to the Trigrad Gorge and the National Parks. The best of Bulgaria section will allow you to set priorities and gives you some tips and tricks even some of the locals won't know. With hundreds of spectacular colour photographs and detailed maps, you can really get a feel for the destination prior to your trip. It is an inspiring background read, serving as an invaluable, on-the-spot companion but can also be kept as a superb, visual souvenir of a visit. Expert local writers bring to life Bulgaria's history, culture, geography and, above all, its people. Detailed, cross-referenced maps clearly highlight all the main sites and they are numbered in relation to the text for easy navigation. The guide also features an extensive travel listings section which includes all the travel details, hotels, restaurants and contact numbers you'll need.

Tour SofiaSofia Guide Book Tour Bulgaria. The guide book contains data about the culture and historical landmarks of the capital of Bulgaria, as well as updated information about the government institutions, diplomatic missions, hotels, transport connections, places for recreation and entertainment.

Bulgaria Pocket GuideBerlitz Bulgaria Pocket Guide (Berlitz Pocket Guides S.) Tour Bulgaria. Pocket Guide: Bulgaria covers all the main sights, area by area, in an easily navigable format. Tourist attractions described include Sofia's churches and cathedrals, Plovdiv's Roman amphitheatre, Rila's splendid monastery, Veliko Tarnovo's historic citadel, the charming villages of Shiroka Luka and Arbanasi, and the beach resorts of the Black Sea. The guide also gives details about Bulgaria's natural wonders including the Iskar Gorge, Melnik's sandstone pyramids, and the Shipka Pass. The book contains background historical information, advice on skiing, hiking, shopping and entertainment, as well as the low-down on eating out. There is an A-Z of practical information, listings of recommended hotels and restaurants, and useful expressions in Bulgarian. You can also read special features on topics ranging from Bulgarian revolutionaries to folk music, and from mountain bears to festivals. Maps show Varna, Bulgaria and Sofia, and there are dozens of colour photographs throughout.

Bulgarian Black Sea CoastOn the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast: Travel Guide Tour Bulgaria. The guide book contains data about the culture and historical landmarks of the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast, as well as updated information about the most famous places to visit, places for recreation and entertainment.

A History Of BulgariaA Concise History of Bulgaria (Cambridge Concise Histories S.) A general introduction to Bulgaria at the cross-roads of Christendom and Islam. The text and illustrations trace the rich and dramatic story from pre-history, through the days when Bulgaria was the centre of a powerful medieval empire and the five centuries of Ottoman rule, to the cultural renaissance of the nineteenth century and the political upheavals of the twentieth, upheavals which led Bulgaria into three wars.

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