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Burgundy and Franche-Comte (AA Road Map France S.)

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Burgundy Hotel Deals
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Tour BurgundyBurgundy Insight Guide (Insight Guides S.) Tour Burgundy. This guide includes a section detailing Burgundy's history, 11 features covering the area's life and culture, ranging from its full-bodied earthy wines to its cheese-producing Trappist monks, a region by region visitor's guide to the sights and a comprehensive Travel Tips section packed with essential contact addresses and numbers. It also contains photographs and 16 maps.

Burgundy and Its WinesBurgundy and Its Wines Tour Burgundy. An irresistible portrait of Burgundy's culture, history, landscape and wines. Burgundy, France's historic wine region, is a unique mix of old towns and vineyards, of great wines, and of thousands of individualistic wine-makers, brokers and merchants. Burgundy and Its Wines takes the reader on a journey where the temptation to linger is irresistible - from the gentle slopes of the Cote d'Or to the treasures of Dijon. The journey concludes with a directory of practical advice and information, including the best merchants and producers.

BurgundyBurgundy: How to Find Great Wines Off the Beaten Track (Mitchell Beazley Discovering Wine Country S.) Tour Burgundy. Understanding Burgundy. Burgundy's uniqueness. Making sense of the wines and wine law. Good wine and how to find it. Geography, the roads, rivers, railways, and towns. How to get there. How to travel around Burgundy. Where to stay. How and where to eat. How to make a little French go a long way.

The Last Valois Duke of BurgundyCharles the Bold: The Last Valois Duke of Burgundy (The History of Valois Burgundy) Charles the Bold (1467-1477) was the last of the great Dukes of Burgundy. This historical and biographical work assesses his personality and his role as a ruler, and discusses his relationship with his subjects and his neighbours. It describes and analyses his policies, giving particular attention to his imperial plans and projects and his clash with the Swiss. The armies, the court and Burgundian clients and partisans are given separate treatment.

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