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County Clare Hotel Deals
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The Creaky Traveler in IrelandThe Creaky Traveler in Ireland: Clare, Kerry and West Cork - A Journey for the Mobile But Not Agile (Creaky Traveler) Rovetch goes to the Irish counties of Clare, Kerry, and West Cork, staying in charming Bed and Breakfasts but also getting to know the locals. He mixes history and culture with sightseeing to give us a very personal look at the places and people he visits. Warren Rovetch, whose unique travelogue of his trek through Scotland was recommended by NPR, now brings to life the culture, history, and wondrous natural beauty of Ireland. Part travel story and part guidebook - but all charm and wit - this book transports us to another culture. Interesting for all readers, The Creaky Traveler in Ireland is a holiday in itself. It will appeal to all those who, while not planning a trip, are nonetheless captivated by the culture and natural beauty of the Emerald Isle. Particularly helpful to more mature travelers, the book includes lots of advice for executing smooth trips. Tour County Clare.

A History of County ClareA History of County Clare Clare is one of the six counties of Munster, although many older maps show it as part of Connacht. In Gaelic times the present county formed part of the kingdom of Thomond which at its peak extended eastwards as far as Birr in County Offaly. From the twelfth century onwards the county was contained between the important Norman cities of Galway and Limerick and remained contested territory for many centuries. Gaelic culture continued to flourish although some of the older families abandoned Catholicism for Protestantism from the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries on. In the nineteenth century Clare was the focus of nationalist revival with the famous by-election of 1828 which returned Daniel O'Connell to the House of Commons. Like all Atlantic counties, Clare was decimated by the effects of the Famine and did not recover for generations. However, the twentieth century has seen institutional revival through Shannon Airport and Shannon Newtown; a powerful cultural heritage focused on traditional music; and a vigorous economic life symbolised by Ennis, the county town, becoming Ireland's first 'information age town.

Antiquities of County ClareThe Antiquities of County Clare The Antiquities of County Clare: Ordnance Survey Letters 1839. John O'Donovan and Eugene Curry. CLASP PRESS. Like the Ordnance Survey Memoirs series the invaluable, to genealogists among others, documents on all sorts of aspects of local life and lore, parish by parish, recorded in the case of this county by among others these two outstanding and pioneering Gaelic scholars. These were typewritten in 1928 but presumably never before published, the IIS series being confined to northern counties. There are illustrations and maps, and an index to complete an invaluable book.

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