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Inverary Castle

Inverary Castle Scotland
Inverary Castle, Argyll, Scotland. Inverary Castle - Argyll, Scotland - 20 Inch Canvas Print (51cm) by Ardea.

Inverary Castle is built of blue-green granite and the cones of its slated angle towers are stained a deeper green by the weather, giving the castle a strange colour combination which endows it with a mysterious air of unreality.

Photograph Inveraray Castle Scotland

Inverary Castle. Photographic Print of Inveraray Castle from Robert Harding.

The present castle dates originally from about 1520 and was one of the earliest examples of Gothic revival. It was replanned in 1743 by Roger Morris and Robert Mylne, and completed in 1770. The old castle which stood 80 yards from the present front door was finally demolished in 1773, the new one having been built in 1760 and scarcely lived in by the third or fourth Dukes. It was the fifth Duke who, as Marquess of Lorne and heir to the Dukedom, commissioned the magnificent interior decoration and modernised the building; thus it now shows signs not only of neo-Gothic style but also of neo-Scottish baronial architecture in its square turreted shape with massive battlements and tower rising from its heart, totally unexpected and exotic to visitors approaching from the town and catching a glimpse of the pretty gothic windows through the wooded park.

The interior of Inverary Castle contains a wealth of 18th Century splendour and architectural curiosities. with great hall, armoury and state rooms open to view. In addition to the many historic relics the castle contains portraits by Gainsborough, Ramsay and Raeburn, fine furniture and plate and early Scottish armaments.

Inverary Castle Argyll and Bute Scotland

Inverary Castle and Loch Fyne, Scotland.

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