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Cork, Limerick, Tipperary, Waterford (Irish Discovery
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The Diary of Nicholas Peacock, 1740-51: The Worlds of a County Limerick Farmer and Agent

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There Is an Isle: Limerick Boyhood

Bishop Edward Thomas
Bishop Edward Thomas O'Dwyer of Limerick, 1842-1917

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Tracing Your Limerick AncestorsA Guide to Tracing Your Limerick Ancestors This title sets out the records available for tracing the history and genealogy of families in Co. Limerick, Ireland. The genealogical sources for Limerick are diverse because of the nature of the county, which contains both remote rural agricultural communities and an urban population in Limerick city. The most common family names include O'Brien, Ryan, Donovan, Sheehan, Hallinan, Hurley and Scanlan. Many Limerick people emigrated in the late 18th and 19th centuries. Almost 17 per cent of the population emigrated in the 1850's alone. This book will be of direct interest to the descendants of these emigrants. It details the types of records available, where they can be accessed and how they can best be used to trace ancestors in the county and city of Limerick. Well illustrated with 3 maps of administrative divisions, and with 23 examples of the types of records to be found. There is also a comprehensive index.

Limerick in Old PhotographsLimerick in Old Photographs (Images of Ireland) Originally a Viking foundation on the island, embraced by the Shannon to the west and the Abbey River to the east, the city stands at the head of the Shannon Estuary. It has long since outgrown its original island site, although the city anthem, ' There is an Isle ', recalls it. Despite a reputation which has often been painted in extremely lurid colours, not least by Frank McCourt, Limerick is an important and accomplished place. In addition, it contains some of the most coherent Georgian architecture outside Dublin. Sean Spellissy's chronicle of city life since the late nineteenth century focuses on commerce, sport, popular recreation and voluntary societies. Sean Spellissy has assembled a remarkably wide selection of images, all of them drawn from private sources and most of them never seen before in print. Tour Limerick.

Limerick RailwayThe Waterford and Limerick Railway (Oakwood Library of Railway History) This Limerick railway had a long period of survival as an independent line, first working, and then absorbing other lines. It had the good fortune to have then, as its locomotive, carriage and wagon superintendent, one of the most famous of British locomotive engineers in the days of steam, J. G. Robinson. The book is presented in an A5 format, with 160 pages, 170 illustrations, and a laminated card cover with a square-backed spine.

Limerick Run LacesLimerick Run Laces: An Introduction Machine nets decorated simply by running a blunt-tipped needle in and out of the meshes were the most successful of th various embroidered laces that were first established in the city of Limerick, in southern Ireland, in 1829. Hampered for several decades by inadequate design, but bolstered by the lively capacity of the lacemakers for inventing stitches, the industry reached its aesthetic flowering during the prosperous days of the mid-1880s, and its greatest commercial success between then and the outbreak of war in 1914. This book is based on three examples of Limerick lace from this period. It describes the materials used, the setting up of the work, and the various stitches of the solid and decorative areas, thus pointing the way for Limerick run laces to be recreated as closely as possible to their original form.

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