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Rent A Cottage In Loch Lomond and The Trossachs
Rent A Cottage In Loch Lomond and The Trossachs

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The largest sheet of fresh water in Great Britain, Loch Lomond is twenty four miles long and is quite narrow until it opens out below Luss into a larger, roughly triangular area jewelled by some thirty islands, many of them
picturesquely tree clad. The eastern side of the loch, especially around Inversnaid has very close associations with Rob Roy, hero and villain, patriot and thief, immortalized by Sir Walter Scott Scott.


The loch is bordered on all sides by mountains and hills and there is not a dull viewpoint throughout its great
length. The beauty and tranquillity of the scene is best appreciated by boats and a steamers which leave from Balloch in the south and, threading through the islands, calls on both sides of the loch on its way to Ardlui in the north.

Balloch, which is an excellent touring centre, has grown rapidly and is a favourite place for bus tours. In the
summer its streets are thronged with visitors. It stands where the river Leven takes the surplus water from the Loch, and the houseboats and small craft, which here line both river and loch, add colour to an already brilliant and lively scene.

The names of the other mountains we see from the Maid of the Loch may not mean much to us but Ben Lomond is like an old friend. This peak, the southernmost of the 3,000 foot mountains in Scotland, is easily climbed from Rowardennan and half Scotland can be seen from the top.

The loch is fed by a number of streams which fall into the loch on all sides and also by two sizeablc rivers, The
Falloch, reaching the loch at Ardlui after flowing southwards through lovely Glen Falloch, and the winding Endrick on the south-east. This is the haunt of bird
watchers because it is here that one can see many resident species as well as a large variety of migrants. On the island of Inchmurrin, which is still inhabited and welcomes visitors, stand the remains of one of the castles. belonging to the Lennox family. The best known member of the family was undoubtedly Henry Stuart, Lord
Darnley, eldest son of the Earl of Lennox. He married Mary Queen of Scots and was murdered in 1567.

Islands of all shapes and sizes add greatly to the charm of Loch Lomond. Some are tiny while others are over a mile long; some are wooded and rise 100 feet from the water and some have small sandy bays which make perfect picnic spots. Their names give us a clue to
former inhabitants or simply tell their shape. Inch Fad is the long island while Inchcailloch the ‘Isle of women’ is the site of a former nunnery. On Inchtavanach ‘Isle of Monks’ once dwelt Kessog, the patron saint of Luss. From
Inchmoan came peat, from Freuchlan heather. Inchmoan was also known as the Prison of Luss and we are told that drunken women from Luss were marooned there until they had seen the error of their ways!

Robert the Bruce was supposed to have planted some of the yews on Inchlonaig, the wood to be used for
bowmaking. This may be, but some were certainly planted by Sir James Colquhoun (pronounced ‘Cohoon’) of
Luss about the middle of the last century. It was when returning from this island that he was caught by one of the freak storms which can occur near this loch and he and his companions were drowned. The church in the delightful little village of Luss was built in his memory. This village, on a summer’s day, with old fashioned roses blooming at the cottage doors, provides one of the most peaceful scenes imaginable. Each village round the loch side, whether on the quiet south-east or the busy west, has its own particular brand of magic and all are beloved by people who mess about in boats. Water skiing is also popular. There is room for campers and caravanners and there are hostels for the walkers.

Balloch Castle, sometimes known as the Castle in the Park, was built about 1800 from a design by Lugar for John Buchan of Ardoch, who owned Balloch. In 1830 it passed to Gibson Scott, who improved the grounds; and it was later taken over by A. J. Denniston Brown, great-grandson of a Provost of Glasgow. John Brown.
The building overlooks Loch Lomond. The Countryside Ranger Service is based at the current castle.

Loch Lomond Quote; Even among the oranges, the myrtles, and the jasmines of Italy, I shall often meditate on the wild and romantic beauties of this spot.

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