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Oslo Hotel Deals
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Norway Insight Fleximap (Insight Flexi Map S.)

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Walk Norway South
Norway South: Rother Walking Guide (Rother Walking Guide S.)

Norway With the Best of Oslo Bergen the Fjords
Norway: With the Best of Oslo, Bergen, the Fjords and the Far North (Gold Guides)

Norway Road Map
Philip's Road Map: Norway (Philip's European Road Maps)

Norwegian Phrase Book
Norwegian Phrase Book (Berlitz Phrase Books S.)

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Norway (Lonely Planet Country Guide S.)

SPITSBERGEN: Svalbard, Franz Josef Land, Jan Mayen

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Norway in Pictures (Visual Geography)

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Central Norway: Alesund, Trondheim, Namsos Pt. 2 (Regional Maps - Norway)

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Norwegian Cruising Guide

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Tour Norway

Tour Norway

Whether you are looking for a self-guided Norway tour or want to join a guided tour of Norway, you will find a tour to suit your needs here. Click below to find some of the best guided and self-guided Norway tours available today. Many of these Norway tour packages feature unique Norway tour opportunities that you will not find anywhere else. Norway - Order FREE Travel Brochure!.

Oslo Hotel Bargains
Norway Hotel Deals
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Tour NorwayNorway (Eyewitness Travel Guides) Tour Norway. An inspiring guide to the best of Norway: from the stunning fjords and solitary mountains, to wooden stave churches and small fishing villages. Contains features on Vikings, wildlife and Sami culture, as well as practical information on local transport, outdoor activities and entertainment.

Walks and Scrambles in NorwayWalks and Scrambles in Norway Walk Norway. With over 50 routes containing over 180 colour photographs, Walks and Scrambles in Norway is the English guidebook for hillwalkers and mountaineers visiting Norway's mountains. From simple days out, through multi-day wilderness backpacking treks to serious mountaineering outings, this book caters for all tastes and abilities. Routes range from the south of Norway to north of the Arctic Circle, and are weighted towards famous areas like Jotunheimen and Lofoten. Individual chapters provide comprehensive information on each route, while much of the authors' experiences are passed on though an extensive set of appendices, to help you plan and enjoy your holiday. This guidebook is an essential companion for those looking to explore this unique country, where mountain meets fjord and sunshine meets midnight.

Journey Through the Mountains of NorwayFellowship of Ghosts: A Journey Through the Mountains of Norway The author of Stand Before Your God recounts his recent solo journeys on foot through Norway's mountains, describing the beautiful country, with its blue snowfields and valleys bordered by thousand-foot cliffs, as well as the harsh terrain.

Norway Travel GuideNorway (Rough Guide Travel Guides S.) Tour Norway. The Rough Guide to Norway covers everything from urbane Oslo to the remote Arctic town of Tromso and from the idyllic off-shore islands to the awe-inspiring fjords. It contains a 24 page, full-colour photographic introduction, previewing the country's highlights as chosen by the author. The guide includes insights into the cosmopolitan city of Oslo, with pertinent descriptions of museums and art galleries, and uncovers Norway's dramatic scenery, some of the wildest in Europe. The contexts section contains illuminating coverage of Norway's culture and history, from its picturesque medieval wooden churches to Oslo's contemporary art scene.

Norway the Northern PlaygroundNorway: the Northern Playground Tour Norway. The story of the first ascents of many of Norway's most dramatic peaks, Slingsby's book is still a very relevant guidebook to many Norwegian mountain areas today. Slingsby was one of the leading climbers of his generation, climbing in Britain and the Alps, and he is still held in the highest regard in Norway as the father of Norwegian mountaineering. In contrast to many areas of the Alps, the Norse mountains have been spared the same proliferation of telepheriques and ski resorts; and so many of the corries and peaks are still in the same wilderness condition as when Slingsby first climbed them. Norway, The Northern Playground has long been regarded by many as an indispensable work on the region. So, if you're looking for the English language overview of the Norwegian mountains or just an exciting ripping yarn to while away a long winter's night, this book cannot be recommended enough.

Pilgrim Road to Nidaros Oslo to TrondheimThe Pilgrim Road to Nidaros: Oslo to Trondheim (Cicerone International Walking S.) Walk Norway. This title is a walker's guide to the 643 km medieval pilgrim road from Oslo to Nidaros (Trondheim) cathedral, where Saint Olav (king of Norway, and responsible for much of the conversion of the country to Christianity) was buried. His shrine was the focus not only of many miracles but also of the fourth most important pilgrim route in Europe after Rome, Jerusalem and Santiago de Compestela, and from the tenth century until the Reformation it attracted pilgrims not only from Norway and the rest of Scandinavia but from Russia, the Baltic countries, Germany and Britain as well. Cleared and waymarked in 1997 the route has been "rediscovered", and is being actively promoted as a walking pilgrim path. This is the only guide to the route in English. As well as giving directions for walking the route, the book also provides information on places of interest along the way and the history of the pilgrimage, a list of suggestions for further reading and a glossary of geographical and useful terms.

Walk NorwayWalking in Norway (Cicerone Mountain Walking S.) Walk Norway. This book describes 20 walking routes in the main mountain areas of Norway, ranging from the Far South to the Arctic regions. Chosen because they are of particular interest to the visiting walker, all trips described are accessible by public transport. Many of the mountain areas are close to one another, making it easy to connect different routes for a fortnight's holiday. Route descriptions, divided into daily segments, vary in length from a few days to over a week. Fact panels provide information on level of difficulty, base, maps etc. Introductory sections to each chapter detail unique information about each region and transport to the area. Summary tables list the hourly estimates of the walking time necessary between points on a route. Route profiles provide an approximate picture of a trail's steepness and trail maps give an instant picture of the entire route. This book will, hopefully, encourage visitors to explore the Norwegian mountains. You will find some of the most beautiful mountain landscape in the world. Unlike what you find in many of the alpine areas of Central Europe, these mountains are relatively free from crowds, and few roads criss-cross through this remote landscape. Providing an ideal setting for the walker, cairned routes twist through splendid scenery and link up with comfortable mountain lodges. You will meet a kind and proud people who will enthusiastically share with you there love for their mountains. View the jagged spires of the Jotunheimen, climb the high peaks of the Rondane, explore the isolated arctic mountains of the Troms Border Trail, and ramble along the mountain plateau of the Hardangervidda. You can wander for days without a bother, and leave the cares of the city behind.

The Norwegian Feeling for RealLeopard VI: The Norwegian Feeling for Real (Leopard S.) This is a collection of the most exciting and the most interesting short fiction being produced now and over the past four decades by Norwegian writers. The editors, a celebrated critic and academic, a distinguished publisher, and a renowned author, have made their selection to mark the centenary of Norway's secession from Sweden, a milestone that will be the occasion for extensive festivities and almost year-long cultural and diplomatic activity throughout 2005. The focus of the authors is, predictably and as the title of the anthology implies, in the real and raw concerns of contemporary life. The range of these stories, not a few by writers familiar to readers in English, is testament to the vigour and depth of Norway's literary genius.

The Troll with No Heart in His Body and Other Tales of Trolls from Norway A collection of Norwegian folktales all featuring trolls: The Three Billy Goats Gruff, The Boy Who Became a Lion, a Falcon, and an Ant, Butterball, The Boy and the North Wind, The White Cat in the Dovre Mountain, The Sailors and the Troll, The Eating Competition, and The Troll with No Heart in His Body.

Tastes and Tales of NorwayTastes and Tales of Norway Here are over 100 recipes for classic Norwegian specialities such as Salmon Marinated in Hardanger Apple Cider, Fruit Soup, Norwegian Pancakes, and Cinnamon Wheels. Also included are historical accounts, local customs, and excerpts from Norwegian folk songs, traditional blessings, poetry, and mythology.

MunchMunch: At the Munch Museum, Oslo Edvard Munch is Norway's most important painter and graphic artist and the only one to exercise a decisive influence on European art. A forerunner of Expressionism, his works were influenced by an early life tortured by sickness, insanity, rejection and guilt and he worked through his neuroses in his paintings. With the greatest consistency throughout his life, Munch created a life's work which would not only enable the deepest problems of the century to live on into our time, but also says something about human existence, which couldn't be put into words. Right up to the last days of his life, Munch shed light on anxiety as an existential problem. This beautifully produced survey of the painter from the Curators at the Munch Museum in Oslo is a rich exploration of his life, his paintings and his graphic works.

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