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Tales from SligoTales from Sligo and the West Tales from Sligo and the West encompasses both historic and contemporary views of the magical and mystical nature of this region. The literary tradition in this area is as ancient as any on earth, dating back thousands of years, originating in the oral traditions of the Irish Celts, Druids, Poets, and Bards. These traditions were carried forth by the early Christian monks who incorporated and preserved the Celtic/Gaelic stories and artwork into their outstanding illuminated manuscripts, now realized as the oldest and most beautiful ever produced, many of which are now housed in the great library of Trinity College, Dublin. The highly inspirational history of this small island has produced many of the world's greatest authors, including Jonathan Swift, Edmund Burke, Oliver Goldsmith, Oscar Wilde, James Joyce, Bram Stoker, Sean O'Casey, C. S. Lewis, Kate O'Brien, Lady Augusta Gregory, Patrick Kavanagh, Brian Friel, Dermot Healy, Willie Joe Meally; and, includes four Nobel Laureates, William Butler Yeats, George Bernard Shaw, Samuel Beckett, and Seamus Heaney. "Tales from Sligo and the West" is the next progression of this extraordinary tradition.

SligoSligo: Land of Yeats' Desire Otherworldly, wildly beautiful and rich with history and ancient monuments, County Sligo has been immortalised in literature and art by the Yeats brothers. This evocative and highly illustrated guidebook relates the history and folklore of the county, delves into its literature and provides eight tours which explore the scenery, relics and significant buildings of the area.

Echoes of a Savage LandEchoes of a Savage Land Echoes of a Savage Land concerns the rugged life of the ordinary folk of the Irish countryside who carved an existence that has changed utterly in the last half-century. Beginning with rituals observed on the Celtic festival of Samhain Joe McGowan tells with love and humour the story of the customs they practised and the stories they told. Linking the ways of Ireland with ancient Greece and the Aztecs of South America and illustrating his points with quotes from Chaucer and Shakespeare as well as Yeats and Manley Hopkins, Mc Gowan has produced a book that is more than the usual chronicle of country life. Echoes of a Savage Land is a magical doorway into lost worlds, a journey through a way of life unchanged for centuries, but now on the edge of extinction: Witch hares and Rhyming rats, Blood sacrifice and Burnt offerings, Corncrakes and Blackbird pie, Poteen stills and Fear Gortach, Cutting the cailleach and Harvest knots, Mummers and Wrenboy, Quern stones and Stirabout, Haunted houses and Satanic card games.

Sir Robert Gore BoothSir Robert Gore Booth and His Landed Estate in County Sligo, 1814-1876: Land, Famine, Emigration and Politics Sir Robert Gore Booth and his estates. One, of the largest proprietors in Co. Sligo in the nineteenth century, with properties in Drumcliff, Rossiver and Ballymote, Gore Booth was an improving and resident landlord who spent large amounts of money improving the estate and in building Lissadell House. He adopted a paternalistic approach to this people, not only on his property, but among the community at large, especially during the Famine. Part of policy to improve the estate and consolidate holdings was to assist 1,500 of his tenants to emigrate to North America during the Famine. While most of the schemes were successful there were occasions where the tenants arrived in a poor condition for which he was severely criticized by the Canadian authorities. Sir Robert was actively involved in local politics and was the MP for the county for 26 years.

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