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Worshipping Athena
Worshipping Athena: Panathenaia and Parthenon (Wisconsin Studies in Classics)

Tour The Parthenon

The Elgin MarblesThe Elgin Marbles This highly readable book by an exceptional young archaeologist tells the story of the Parthenon from its origins to the present day, in a sweeping narrative which combines a careful presentation of the archaeology of the Parthenon with a historical survey of the Acropolis throughout its history. Wide-ranging, authoritative and fascinating, Dorothy King's book raises important questions about the ownership of works of art, and imaginatively recreates the Athenian world in which the Parthenon was built.

Tour The ParthenonThe Parthenon: From Antiquity to the Present This volume offers an overview of the Parthenon from antiquity to the modern era. Recent discoveries, such as the marble sculpture fragments found during the current restoration work on the Acropolis, or a vase excavated in Northern Greece whose decoration echoes a lost pedimental composition, have forced scholars to reconsider many aspects of one of the most important monuments of classical antiquity. Bringing together essays on various aspects of this world-renowned temple, this book examines the dramatic setting of the temple and its impact on modern architects such as Le Corbusier; new reconstructions and interpretations of Pheidias' vast sculptural program; in-depth analysis of architectural refinements; the techniques employed in making the colossal gold-and-ivory cult statue; and a consideration of the Christian and Muslim phases of the Parthenon's history. Collectively, they enhance our understanding of one of the icons of Western art.

The Parthenon and Its SculpturesThe Parthenon and Its Sculptures New interpretations of some of the most crucial issues of the Parthenon, ranging from the authorship of the frieze to the reconstruction of its missing sculpture, as well as the sociopolitical context in which the monument was created and the application of new technologies in Parthenon studies. Showcasing the most up to date research on the Parthenon, this book not only presents the current state of Parthenon studies but also marks the future direction of scholarship.

The Parthenon FriezeThe Parthenon Frieze The Parthenon frieze, one of Western civilization's major monuments, has been the subject of intense study for over two hundred years. Most scholarship has sought an overall interpretation of the monument's iconography and therefore neglects the visual language of the sculpture, an essential tool for a full understanding of the narrative. Dr Jenifer Neils's study provides an in-depth examination of the frieze which decodes its visual language, but also analyzes its conception and design, style and content, and impact on the visual arts over time. Unique in its wide-ranging approach, The Parthenon Frieze also brings ethical reasoning to bear on the issue of repatriation as part of the ongoing debate on the Elgin Marbles.

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