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Essential Underwater PhotographyThe Essential Underwater Photography Manual: A Guide to Creative Techniques and Key Equipment Diving is a popular hobby that attracts more enthusiasts every year, and many divers are keen to record the wonders they see underwater. In this beautifully illustrated, practical guide, underwater photography gurus Larry and Denise Tackett draw on their years of experience and learning to share everything the snorkeller and diver needs to know to capture the beautiful diversity of life beneath the sea. Underwater includes essential advice on choosing the right equipment, and in straightforward language discusses lighting, creative composition, making the most of a subject and macrophotography, showing how the basic principles of photography change when shooting underwater. Underwater includes practical exercises, reassuring advice, illuminating anecdote, and, of course, awe-inspiring photographs. Perfect for those new to underwater photography, it also offers both inspiration and up-to-date new techniques for the more advanced.

The Underwater PhotographerThe Underwater Photographer: Digital and Traditional Techniques A superb hands-on manual containing a wealth of underwater tips, hints and advice, Underwater Photographer provides all the advice you need to achieve outstanding professional results. This long-awaited new edition is updated to provide in-depth coverage of the latest digital techniques, whilst still providing a solid grounding in core basic skills and full guidance on analogue techniques. Written by a leading authority on underwater photography, Underwater Photographer will enable you to capture stunning effects by following the authors popular 'think and consider' system. By giving careful thought and consideration to the subject matter, lighting and environment prior to taking the picture, Edge demonstrates how you can achieve superior images. Practical examples take you step-by-step through the basic techniques, from photographing shipwrecks, divers, marine life and abstract images to taking photographs at night and 'dual lighting'. Full advice is given on all the essential equipment. Highly illustrated throughout, and written in a clear, non-technical style, "Edges" book is the essential guide to photographing the wonder and beauty of the underwater world.

Underwater Digital PhotographyMaster Guide for Underwater Digital Photography In recent years digital cameras have profoundly altered the evolution of underwater photography. Here, the Drafahls show readers how to make the most of this exciting new technology, with tips for purchasing gear, selecting camera settings and taking the first dive with a digital camera. Also included are exposure techniques, lighting tips and ideas for close-up and super-macro photography. Packed with dramatic images and clear, step-by-step techniques, this book is sure to inform and inspire underwater photographers of all skill levels. It also features: tips for buying underwater digital photography equipment; using digital-camera menu controls; exposure and lighting techniques; tips for fish photography, reducing backscatter and more; ideas for close-up and super-macro photography; travelling with and caring for underwater digital equipment; and, tips for reef and animal protection. Underwater Photography.

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