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Viking ScotlandViking Scotland (Historic Scotland S.) Scotland is very rich in the remains and evidence of the Vikings. Using all the sources available, historical, archaeological and linguistic, this book explores this heritage and studies, in detail, the story of the Vikings in Scotland, beginning with the situation in Scotland before they arrived and concluding with the longer term effects of Norse settlement. Viking Scotland.

Vikings in ScotlandVikings in Scotland: An Archaeological Survey A full overview of the archaeology of the Vikings in Scotland, incorporating many results from fieldwork and excavation. This work has necessitated a thorough re-appraisal of our knowledge of the process, nature and extent of Scandinavian settlement in Scotland. Concentrating on the Viking and Late Norse periods which span the 8th to 13th centuries in northern and western Scotland, the chronological range allows for the Norse impact to be placed in its wider context, commencing with the native background. The scope of the book should enable Scotland, archaeologically one of the best documented areas of the Viking world, to be placed in the overall context of the period in Europe. Illustrated with over 90 photographs, figures and distribution maps, this book should be accessible to students and teachers of the Viking Age, and the archaeology and history of Scotland, as well as to the general reader.

Orkneyinga Saga: The History of the... Earls of Orkney. Written around AD 1200 by an unnamed Icelandic author, the Orkneyinga Saga is an intriguing fusion of myth, legend and history. The only medieval chronicle to have Orkney as the central place of action, it tells of an era when the islands were still part of the Viking world, beginning with their conquest by the kings of Norway in the ninth century. The saga describes the subsequent history of the Earldom of Orkney and the adventures of great Norsemen such as Sigurd the Powerful, St Magnus the Martyr and Hrolf, the conqueror of Normandy. Savagely powerful and poetic, this is a fascinating depiction of an age of brutal battles, murder, sorcery and bitter family feuds. Viking Scotland.

Voyage Through Viking ScotlandSea Road: Voyage Through Viking Scotland (Making of Scotland S.) This text in The Making of Scotland series focuses on the way in which the Vikings made Scotland the centre of a great sea-faring kingdom and how their influence can still be felt in Orkney and Shetland. Viking Scotland.

Scar: A Viking Age Boat Burial in Orkney The story of a remarkable Viking boat grave at Scar in Orkney, rescued by archaeologists in 1991, just before winter storms finally claimed it. The boat's wealthy cargo included three people: a man of about 20, a child of 10 or 11, and a woman astonishingly old for the time, probably in her 70s.

Viking Pirates and Christian PrincesViking Pirates and Christian Princes: Dynasty, Religion, and Empire in the North Atlantic This book studies two Viking families who appear in the records of the Atlantic littoral as pagan raiders and reinvent themselves as established Christian rulers. Their rise and transformation from the 10th to the 12th centuries highlights a period and people important for understanding the political, religious, and culture development of Europe in the High Middle Ages.

The VikingsThe Vikings As the most notorious of the pagan hordes to descend on Christian Europe in the Early Middle Ages, the image of the Vikings has transcended the centuries; even today their name evokes images of murder, pillage and desecration. This graphic and complete history considers the totality of the Viking experience, taking their story from their origins in the fjords of Scandinavia to their great voyages and lasting impact on the wider world. Magnus Magnusson channels his years of writing and research in the field to produce a chronological account of Viking activity in the varied cultural areas of Europe with which they came into contact. Raiders, heathens and murderers, but also explorers, pioneers and artists; the remarkable contradictions that characterised the Viking Age are explored and illuminated.

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