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Willa Anderson - (1890-1970) - Novelist

Willa Anderson, "Agnes   N.   Scott." Novelist and translator. She was born and brought up in Shetland, and studied classics at the University of St Andrews, where she also taught for a period after graduation. In 1918 she became Vice-Principal of Gipsy Hill Training College in London, and it was at that time that she met Edwin Muir whom she married on 7 June 1919. With Muir she translated works by Franz Kafka, Lion Feuchtwanger and several other contemporary European novelists, and she was a constant source of encouragement to her husband during the frequent tribulations of his literary career. After his death she published a moving memoir of their life together, Belonging (1968), and, using her husband's notes, she wrote Living with Ballads (1965). Several of her translations were published under the name 'Agnes N. Scott'. Under her own name she wrote two original novels: Imagined Comers (1931) and Mrs Ritchie (1933). She died on 22 May 1970. Works: Imagined Comers (1931); Mrs Ritchie (1933); Mrs Grundy in Scotland 1936;
Living with Ballads (1965); Belonging: a Memoir (1968)

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