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William Fowler (1560-1612) - Poet

He was born into a wealthy Edinburgh family and was
educated at the University of St Andrews, graduating in 1578. He lived in Paris for a time and worked as a spy for the Protestant cause before returning to Scotland as a minister in Hawick in 1584. During the reign of james VI Fowler enjoyed considerable patronage at court and he was secretary to Queen Anne until his death in 1612 in London. He helped in the preparation of James's basilicon Doron and he translated a version of Machiavelli's It Principe. A visit to Italy increased his interest in Italian poetry: he translated Petrarch's Trionfi in 1587 and wrote a sonnet sequence, The Tarantula of Love, after the manner of Baldassare Castiglione. Fowler's prose pieces include a description of his arrangements for the baptism of Henry, Prince of Wales, and an attack on John Hamilton, Rector of the University of Paris, which was
printed by Robert Lekprevik.

Works: An Answer to Hammiltoun (1581); Epitaphe upon Sir John Seton (1594); A True Reportarie of the Baptisme of Prince Henry (1594); An Epitaphe upon Robert Bowes (1597); A Funeral Sonet (1597).

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