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William Kerr Scotland Epitaph

Some folk were celebrated in their own area for being Scottish Characters. One such was William Kerr from Montrose, Scotland, who died in 1772.

To the Memory of William Kerr
Not more remarkable for the lowness of his Stature
Than for the Integrity of his Life
Tho' he acquired great Wealth
He never abused it,
He was neither a Spendthrift nor an Usurer
He lent freely,
But seldom exacted Interest, or Principal.
He was always ready to minister to the Stranger,
Not only with his Services, but also with his
Tho' generally an Attendant at Taverns,
He ever waited at Church,
And was so assiduous in Business,
That he never lost an Hour in Dissipation.
Luxury and Riot were no otherwise known to him,
Than what he saw in other Men,
And he improved thereby.
These lines are guiltless of Flattery
For he
To whose Memory they are wrote,
Was neither a Lord, nor a Squire,
But a Beggar.

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