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William Montgomerie - Poet

He was born in Glasgow, Scotland, on 30th May 1904 and was educated there at Newlands Public School,
Whitehill Secondary School and the University of Glasgow. After a period spent teaching in Dundee and collecting ballad material for the SChool Of Scottish Studies, he did research in Edinburgh into Scottish ballads and folk-song. A good part of his life was spent abroad and he lived in Berlin, Provence and Andalusia. With his wife Norah Montgomerie, he edited four collections of folklore, verse and rhymes for children, all of which offer tantalizing introductions to the Scottish oral tradition.

Works include: Via (1933); Squared Circle (1934); ed., New Judgements: Robert Bums (1947) With Norah Montgomerie, Scottish Nursery Rhymes (1946); Sandy Candy (1948); The Well at the World's End (1956); The Hogarth Book of Scottish Nursery Rhymes (1964).

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