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William Ritchie - Publisher

John and William Ritchie were two of the founders of Scotland's foremost newspaper, The Scotsman. John Ritchie (1778-1870) was born in Kirkcaldy and his brother William (1781- 1831) in Lundin Links, to working class parents.

After starting work on a farm in Largo, John moved to Edinburgh to start up a drapery business, and his younger brother followed him, entering a career in law. But they were diverted from their chosen paths. Disgusted with the lack of independence of existing newspapers, the brothers joined with two others to set up The Scotsman in 1817.

Starting as a weekly newspaper it certainly spoke with an independent and outspoken voice, attracting vehement criticism from the establishment.

William became the new paper's first editor. He died relatively young, in 1831, but John carried on as owner until his own death in 1870, by which time The Scotsman was well established as a leading daily, with a circulation of 27,000.

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