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William Stables (1840-1910) - Author

He was born on 21st of May 1840 at Aberchirder, Banffshire, Scotland, and was educated there and at
the University of Aberdeen, where he studied medicine. While a student he first indulged his taste for travel by sailing on a whaler to Greenland, and on becoming a doctor he joined the Royal Navy as a ship's surgeon. Ill health forced him to retire in 1871, but he spent a further two years in the Merchant Marine. In 1875 he returned to Britain to live at Twyford in Berkshire, where he took up writing adventure stories for boys under the name of 'Gordon Stables'. During his lifetime he published over 100 adventure books with titles like Wild Adventures in Wild Places (1881), The Hermit Hunter of the Wilds (1890) and Kidnapped by Cannibals (1900), all of which placed great reliance on self-sufficiency and manly courage in the face of impossible odds. In later life he took up caravaning as a hobby and his Cruise of the Land Yacht Wanderer (1886) is a delightful evocation of the joys of the wandering life. He also wrote on natural history and was an early proponent of wild-life protection. He died on 10 May 1910 in Berkshire.

Works; Medical Life in the Navy (1868), Cats (1876); The Domestic Cat (1876); Friends in Fur (1877); Jungle Peak and Plain (1877); Canine Medicine and Surgery (1879); Wild Adventures in Wild Places (1881); Our Home in the Silvery West (1883); Tea (1883); Wild Adventures Round the Pole (1883); Aileen Aroon (1884); O'er Many Lands on Many Seas (1884); Our Friend the Dog (1884); Stanley Grahame (1884); Turkish and Other Baths (1884); Kenneth MacAlpine (1885); The Cruise of the Land Yacht Wanderer (1886); Rota vicae (1886); Born to Wander (1887); Harry Milvaine (1887); Health upon Wheels (1887); From Squire to Squatter (1888);In the Daring Days of Old (1888); In Touch with Nature (1888); Jack Locke (1888); Harry Wilde (1889); Hints about Home and Farm Favourites (1889); By Sea and Land (1890); Exiles of Fortune (1890); The Hermit Hunter of the Wild (1890); The Mystery of the Millionaire's Grave (1890); Rocked in the Cradle of the Deep (1890); The Cruise of the Crystal Boat (1891); The Girl's Own Book of Health and Beauty (1891); Leaves from the Log of a Gentleman Gipsy (1891); 'Twixt School and College (1891); Born to Command (1892); The Boy's Book of Health and Strength (1892); From Greenland's Icy Mountains (1892); Our Humble Friends and Fellow Mortals (1892); Two Sailor Lads (1892); Children of the Mountain (1893); The Dog (1893); Facing Fearful Odds (1893); Hearts of Oak (1893); Just like Jack (1893); As we Sweep through the Deep (1894); A Mother's Book of Health (1894); Westward with Columbus (1894); The Wife's Guide to Health and Happiness (1894); From Ploughshare to Pulpit (1895); How Jack Mackenzie Won his Epaulettes (1895); On the Rescue (1895); Shireen and her Friends
(1895); To Greenland and the Pole (1895); Born to be a Sailor (1896); The Cruise of the Rover Caravan (1896); For Honour not Honours (1896); For Life and Liberty (1896); The Rose of Allandale (1896); Shoulder to Shoulder (1896); Travels by the Fireside (1896); Deeds of Daring (1897); Dogs' Ailments (1897); Every Inch a Sailor (1897); A Fight for Freedom (1897); For Cross or Crescent (1897); In the Land of the Lion and the Ostrich (1897); A Life on the Ocean Wave (1897); The Pearl Divers (1897); Frank Hardinge (1898); A Girl from the States (1898); The Island of Gold (1898); The Naval Cadet (1898); Off to the Klondyke (1898); 'Twixt Day Dawn and Light (1898); Annie o' the Bank of Dee (1899); Courage True Heart (1899); A Pirate's Gold (1899); Remember the Maine (1899); Alisdair Adair (1900); England's Hero Prince (1900); Kidnapped by Cannibals (1900); Old England on the Sea (1900); On War's Red Tide (1900); For England's Flag (1901); Fresh-Air Treatment (1901); In Far Bolivia (1901); With Cutlass and Torch (1901); The Cruise of the 'Vengeful' (1902); In Forest Lands (1902); In Quest of the Giant Sloth (1902); In Ships of Steel (1902); In the Great White Land (1902); Rob Roy Macgregor (1902); Sable and White (1902); Sweeping the Seas (1902); Chris Cunningham (1903); The Cruise of the 'Arctic Fox' (1903); How to be Healthy and Strong (1903); A n Island Afloat (1903); Midshipmite Curly (1903); The Shell Hunters (1903); Valour arid Victory (1903); Young Peggy Macqueen (1903); Hearthstone Talks on Health and Home (1904); In Regions of Perpetual Snow (1904); Practical Kennel Guide (1904); Heroes of the Empire (1905); The Meteor Flag of England (1905); The City at the Pole (1906); Leaves from the Log of a Sailor (1906); War on the World's Roof (1906); Wild Life in Sunny Lands (1906); Household Pets (1907); The Ivory Hunters (1907); A Little Gipsy Lass (1907); The Voyage of the Blue Vega' (1907); First Aid to Dogs (1908); From Slum to Quarterdeck (1908); The Boy's Book of Battleships (1909); From Pole to Pole (1909); The Parents' Guide to Children's Ailments (1909); The Cruise of the Snowbird (1910); On Special Service (1910); For Money or Love (1914); The Sauciest Boy in the Service (1914); Shadowed for Life (1914); For England Home and Beauty (1936).

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