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Queen Mary's Women

Queen Mary's Women: Female Friends, Family, Servants and Enemies of Mary, Queen of Scots. Major figures like Elizabeth I of England are usually discussed only for their political interventions in her career. Her female relatives receive merely a brief mention, while her attendants are dismissed as minor characters of no importance, a sort of Greek chorus watching in the background as she travelled from early promise to final tragedy. In this fascinating book, Rosalind K Marshall redresses the balance, examining Mary's life from an entirely new perspective, discovering the extent to which she was influenced by the women she knew - Mary of Guise, the mother from whom she was separated at such a young age, Catherine de Medici, the mother-in-law rumoured to be her deadly enemy, and Lady Lennox, the aunt who played such a significant part in her marriage to Lord Darnley. Most people have heard of The Four Maries, those attendants who were with her from early childhood, but there is confusion about their identities and the other female servants have been ignored. Until now, no one has made a study of them. By extracting their names from the household lists and researching their identities, Dr. Marshall shows that they were strong personalities with interesting and dramatic lives of their own. In short, this survey adds a whole new dimension to our knowledge of Mary, Queen of Scots and her world. Queen Mary's Women: Female Friends, Family, Servants and Enemies of Mary, Queen of Scots.

The Queen's Maries was the name given to the ladies-in-waiting who accompanied mary, Queen of Scots, to France in 1548. The Maries (Icelandic maer, a maid, virgin) or maids who looked after the bedchamber of the Queens of Scotland came from the families of the nobility. In Mary's case her maids all shared her Christian name; Mary Fleming, Mary Seton, Mary Beaton and Mary Livingstone, and each came from a family that had close associations with the Scottish court. The romance of their queen's life rubbed off on the ladies-in-waiting for the Queen's Maries became an essential part of the legends surrounding Mary. They gave their collective name, though not their actions, to the ballad 'The Queen's Maries'.

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