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World Wildlife Fund Scotland is Moving to Dunkeld

Based in Aberfeldy for the past twenty years, it now seems likely that, later this year, World Wildlife Fund Scotland will be moving from the town to of Aberfeldy to Dunkeld. “With our current lease expiring in the next few years, we are taking the opportunity to move nearer to the main transport corridor which will give us greater accessibility, including to the Scottish Executive, Scottish Parliament and other decision-making bodies,” Simon Pepper OBE, Director of WWF Scotland told the most recent edition of Comment Magazine.

“Amongst the many changes we have seen over
the years, a very significant one to affect our work
has been the creation of the Scottish Parliament,”
explained the Director. “As part of an international environmental organisation, whose aims are to conserve the world’s resources and reduce the impacts of pollution
and consumption - a major part of the work involves
influencing the people who take the decisions that
affect our environment,” he added. WWF, he said, had enjoyed a good relationship with Aberfeldy and greatly valued the links which have been forged, and the advice and inspiration provided, by its connections in the local community. “These have stood us in good stead and helped us in our growth and development as an organisation which looks very much to the human side of the equation, as well as the environment,” he continued.

Read the rest of this article in the latest edition of Comment - The Newsmagazine of Highland Perthshire, available throughout Highland Perthshire

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